New ‘The Rendition’ album by Lego

Good new my peoples. Fresh from the dungeon comes another dope album. Sick emcee Lego teams up with Beat maker extraordinaire Jack Danz to drop another banger for ya collection. The Rendition released by quality label BOOMBAP Professionals (Get to know truss.)Lego

London Underground defo recommends you pick this joint up. The album exhibits dirty vinyl crackle, spacey soundscapes, and boom to the bap. Just right for any headz fiending for some creative hip hop. Lego drops smooth flow. Intense spit but reserved delivery. Not the fake typical machismo flooding our ears today. Jack Danz & Lego have chemistry matched by few and the mixdown on this album is amazing. It was executive produced by Lego & Steady Rock so its a solid product all the way through.  Make sure you big up ya self and cop this for the bargain price of five quid. Or name your own price and chip in a bit more for the movement. Your support is what keeps artists goin so cop that.  Pzzzzzz

Download The Rendition Here

Watch Lego ‘Droppin it on them’ video right off the new album.


Seven Swordz of lights-Ray Vendetta new album. Out 13/02/12!

New album out December 2nd

New album out December 2nd

Yo family good news from the Triple Darkness camp. Ray Vendetta, sick emcee and 7th Dan, dope producer. Join forces to bring us the latest new fire Seven Swordz of Light.  Check the bangin new video here Hideous Ugly.

New and fresh off the press the EP Seven Swordz of Light  by Ray Vendetta is looking to be another classic in the chamber of Triple Darkness affiliates. Ray Vendetta, one of Londons finest to grab a mic, brings mad wordplay and scathing punchlines. While painting a vision lyrically for the listener.

 Production load is taken up by  sick veteran beatsmith 7th Dan and also the talented Ringz of Saturn. This is shaping up to be highly anticipated release as setbacks have pushed the release date back a bit.

For those new to Ray Vendetta he is part of the Triple Darkness Family. He is also a big time collaborator with sick group OBBA SUPA. Also he has worked with Dirty Drama, Teslas Ghost, and longtime friend and co conspirator K-Zorro. Among many other talented artists. Seven Swordz of Light  on sale for £5.

Seven Swordz of Light (Download Here)

Please support that. Also watch for the Cold Fusion album coming soon! It features Ray Vendetta and Cyrus Malachi.Mad tingz on the horizon. Get to know
Ray Vendetta.

ray vendetta on stage 

Did you know? Ray Vendetta is also known as Ray Of Light

Did you know? Ray Vendetta is also known as Ray Of Light

Task Force M.F.T.C. 5 out now!!!!

Yo Peoples check this. MFTC 5 finally released to the joy of headz everywhere! This album is mad sick and been highly anticipated since  M.F.T.C. (Music, From the Corner) 4 dropped way back on the  31st of December 2006. MFTC 5  is a must cop for anyone who is looking for interesting thought provoking lyrics. From political to metaphysical to self satire, Task Force brings it here. Also top notch wordplay, melancholy soundscapes , and bars that paint vivid images to the listener. This album brings it all and more. Beats are on point and the sound vibe on this echoes the feel of the first four installments from Task Force. Yet it still stands on its own as a dope album. Skits are also on point and funny at times. Such as the one before the track Stanley Doppleganger. Where two fans talk about their undying love for Task Force and how they’ve gone grey since the last release.

To those in the know this is some of the best Hip Hop from this side of the pond or any side for that matter. If your somehow have been living chained to a radiator in a basement and not got a chance to check Task Force.  London Underground recommends you pick this album up along with the previous 4 installments of Music From the Corner.  For a little sampling check the video Found a Way tune here . Fresh off the MFTC 5. 

Cop MFTC 5  CD here at Suspect Packages

and if you need to catch up on the back catalogue of Task Force Cop that here

Artist Spotlight on K-Zorro

K Zorro an ensembleYo peoples check it out. In my musical search for UK fire and excellence I stumbled on another dope artist named K-Zorro. K-Zorro is a producer, emcee and songwriter out of London. He has worked with many sick artists. Such as Ray Vendetta, Teslas Ghost, Flow Tecs, and many others. Hip Hop is melancholy, dope and fresh sounding. London Underground deffo recommends this artist. Peep the press release.

K Zorro is a Rapper/Producer/Songwriter hailing from North London. The son of a popular German 80s soul band singer, music has been coursing through his veins for as long as he can remember. He first started writing songs as a precocious 13 year old whilst at secondary school and soon realized that he had a talent for putting words together, as well as using the skills learned from his musical family. Whilst at school he also formed one sixth of the rap group ‘Legion of The North’ alongside Ray Vendetta , Bad Company (Triple Darkness) Ade Lawrence (co founder of Uk Overstood) and uk underground rapper VenomSpitter, and the collective battled their way through school, freestyling in the corridors of the school at lunchtimes against their peers. More recently, he has performed all over the world, from Germany, France, to Cuba and beyond, and has an energy that is seldom replicated, coupling water tight flows with witty clever and insightful rhymes.He has worked alongside budding artists such as Coke Zero frontman Aynzli Jones and Tinashe to name but a few, has opened for Just Blaze, and has had stars such as uk Hip Hop Legend Chester P (of TaskForce fame),Mercury nominee Lianne La Havas and even legendary Hip Hop Dj 279 singing his praises. K Zorro has the ability to have crowds eating out of his palm wherever he performs with his amazing live band. He has had music played on various major radio stations, including Choice FM (Capital xtra) and Kiss FM as well as others, and has recently been working alongside burgeoning independent label FKK Records.

Heres one ofK-Zorros videos >Watch  Jazz Hands featurnig Ray Vendetta

Dope track with K-Zorro featuring Teslas Ghost and Ray Vendetta > Listen to track Riddles of the Gods

Check  K-Zorros web page here

Cop K-Zorros album releases here. Please support UK hip hop. Just click the links below

#TeamGuavara: An Ensemble


A 9th Wondering​.​.​.


Jack O’Hartz – Any Which Way But Wrong

For more info K-Zorro can be contacted @ the following spots

Facebook page

Twitter account @kguavara


Cyrus Malachi’s new album!! Expressions Ep out now!!!

Yo Triple Darkness fans and UK headz. Peep out the good news. Cyrus Malachi has blessed us with another fresh album. The Expressions EP out now for digital download. With possibility of a Vinyl to follow. The whole album is produced by Astro Blacksmith. With incredible artwork with a throwback flavor by Marcellous Lovelace. The five track Ep is available at Bandcamp for purchase so make sure and cop that.

Download Expressions EP from Bandcamp here

Please support and enjoy the dopeness!!




Razor Kingz Drops a New Album ‘Reign Drops’ Free download!!

Brand New EP drop from sick UK Crew Razor KIngz. Some heavy hip hop. Make sure you peep the illness. Big up ya ears and ya Hip Hop collection

“Reign Drops” is RazorKingz’ debut EP and is a joint release between Royal Industries and Paraletic Universe Records. Recorded and mixed by DJ Sokol, mastered by Tom S. Ray.

All beats produced by Tank, all cuts by DJ Zeeny and lyrics by Boomstick, Lego, Chattabox and Spitfire (Essex), artwork by Chris Torres for Dojo Design Studio.

RazorKingz are currently working on debut album “Throne To The Wolves” which will be released early 2014. “Reign Drops” is a FREE DOWNLOAD!! Just enter 0.00 at the checkout. We hope you enjoy the EP as much as we did making it, thanks for your continued support.


New EP from Razor Kingz

New EP from Razor Kingz


Free download of Reign Drops EP


Brand New Video ‘Lets Fly’ off the new Heisenberg EP from Strange Neighbor

Shout to all my heads tired of the old brap this, murk this rap over crap beats made on a Casio keyboard. To end yall suffering I got your remedy here!  Straight out the Lab of TPS fam member John Strange aka Strange Neighbor,s comes his brand new video. ‘Lets Fly’ featuring Oliver Sudden, Datkid  and Jack Diggs. Which is  off the ill new ‘Heisenberg EP’. Tune is a banger and any fan of the hit series Breaking Bad will enjoy the homage to it seen here in the  Lets Fly Video. Truss yall the crate digging is evident here. As well as the whole album. With dope beats and guests all up on the Heisenberg EP. This gem is for any UK head looking deeper for a quality sound. Or any aficionado of Hip Hop.  London Underground recommends you cop your CD copy now and show support and bless ya ears. Also the digital download is free so get on that. Big thanks to John Strange for the hook up!!

Watch Lets Fly video ft Oiver Sudden, Datkid  and Jack Diggs here

Support and buy the Heisenberg EP CD and other sick Revorg Records products here

Download the digital Heisenberg EP Free here


Strange Neighbors New EP

Strange Neighbors New EP

Fresh !! ‘Spread the word’ track featuring Phoenix Da IceFire, J man & Datkid

Straight out the Revorg Records dungeon. The brand new fresh Heisenberg EP dropped recently and its pure fire.  From the twisted genius of Strange Neighbor. This track ‘Spread the Word’ track features an ill collabo with Triple Darkness member Phoenix Da IceFire (known also as Solar Black) J man and Datkid. Quality bars period.

Watch the Spread the Word Track here > New Video for Spread the Word ft Phoenix Da IceFire, J man & Datkid

Yo hop on over to the store and pick yours up here>

Strange Neighbors New EP

Strange Neighbors New EP


Conspicuous drops his new album 81 June 6 for FREE!!!!

Yo peoples check the new album fresh out from Conspicuous!!! Dropped on his own birthday no less. 81 June 6. This entirely Cons produced 4th album from The Colony’s Conspicuous aka Cons. Nuff dope features on here. Check the talent. OEM artists The Colony, Daff, Mucky & Vicious aswell as UK Heavyweights such as Seanie T, Shameless,  Tony D, Locksmyth & Dwain Brown. Real introspective and reflective lyrics. Cons always brings heart with his bars. This is defo highly recommended to any head lookin for that real Hip Hop. Honest rhymes, hard Drums and soulful breaks. Dl this in the link below. Make sure you get to know and cop all The Colony joints as well.

                                        Get that 81 June 6 free download here! 

follow on twitter @consjunebug or instagram @consoem 


New Album The Golden Section-From Tommy Tyler out May 14th

More good news from the Sons Phonetic camp. Fresh off the heals of a Sammy Dozens solo drop of Lucid Dream > Available here for free download here. Sp crew blesses us with a another fresh release. Heavy hitter emcee Tommy Tyler of Sons Phonetic drops his first solo outing  ‘The Golden Section‘!! Album lands on May 14th. For a little preview of the The Golden Section album peep the new video Deja Vu here Also check the dope new cover with artwork by Paul Bolgers. The cover art is used  from the painting Head Swim. Go and cop that on the fourteenth of May.

Tommy Tyler de ja vu long pic5_n

Art from the painting Head swim by Paul Bolger. From  PillarStone Productions

Art from the painting Head swim by Paul Bolger. From PillarStone Productions


To contact Tommy Tyler –Tommy Tylers Facebook page

To contact Sons Phonetic- Sons Phonetic Facebook page