New TPS album Hot Water Music. Out Feb 21st

Front CoverYo peoples good news. Another banger droppin soon from dope camp and crew TPS Fam. The new album release is called Hot Water Music (Out Febuary 21st). And trust I got an advanced copy and its pure quality. Hot Water Music sports bars, beats, and subject matter is on point here. Production is shared by  Strange Neighbour and Jack Diggs with the exception of the outro which is done by 184. Hot Water Music has realistic working class vibe and perspective too on it. Anyone working in a miserable job they hate to go to will relate to this album. Or just bustin their arse to make ends meet will appreciate the realism here. To me personally its a bit like Hip Hop infused with elements from blues. Music with replay value that challenges the listener to look at the state of things in the world around us. Don’t get me wrong. Its not a depressing album. There is plenty of uplifting tunes and head nodders. But its defo causes the listener to reflect on life. Pure quality and a many notches over most “hip hop” these days.Those who are familiar with TPS Fam will enjoy the fresh tracks and will defo want to cop this. Also cats new to TPS Fam who are looking for lyrical wordplay and content together in their music… May look know further. So make sure you cop that Febuary 21st when it drops and support real hip hop!!!

Also those in the UK should peep the album releases coming to a spot near you. TPSHOT WATER MUSIC LAUNCH NIGHTS!

•20th Feb – Windmill (Brixton, London)
•21st Feb – The Fountain (Cambridge)
•23rd Feb -The Winchester (Bournemouth)
•02nd March – Higher Learning The Birds Nest – (Deptford, London)
•08th March – w/ Efeks – Matthews Yard – (Croydon)

If your looking to Book TPS Fam and your in the UK area contact them here at facebook or also

Make sure to Pre Order your Copy of Hot Water Music here

Back Cover

Efeks Drops his new album ‘Contemporary Classic’ New EP!!

Yo peoples I just wanted to let you know about this sick EP drop from Efeks. His new and first solo album ‘Contemporary Classic brings that Boom Bap vibe, plus bars are reflective as well as tight with the flow. This is the second official drop from sick label Revorg Records. Chocked full with sick features as well with the likes  of TPS, Tuff Thompson, Crusada, Oliver Sudden, Gee Bag, MC Mell’O’, Epidemic (USA), Manage and eMCee Killa. So make sure you go out and cop that physical landing soon. Check the links and support!! Revorg Shop Link here


Brand New Video ‘Lets Fly’ off the new Heisenberg EP from Strange Neighbor

Shout to all my heads tired of the old brap this, murk this rap over crap beats made on a Casio keyboard. To end yall suffering I got your remedy here!  Straight out the Lab of TPS fam member John Strange aka Strange Neighbor,s comes his brand new video. ‘Lets Fly’ featuring Oliver Sudden, Datkid  and Jack Diggs. Which is  off the ill new ‘Heisenberg EP’. Tune is a banger and any fan of the hit series Breaking Bad will enjoy the homage to it seen here in the  Lets Fly Video. Truss yall the crate digging is evident here. As well as the whole album. With dope beats and guests all up on the Heisenberg EP. This gem is for any UK head looking deeper for a quality sound. Or any aficionado of Hip Hop.  London Underground recommends you cop your CD copy now and show support and bless ya ears. Also the digital download is free so get on that. Big thanks to John Strange for the hook up!!

Watch Lets Fly video ft Oiver Sudden, Datkid  and Jack Diggs here

Support and buy the Heisenberg EP CD and other sick Revorg Records products here

Download the digital Heisenberg EP Free here


Strange Neighbors New EP

Strange Neighbors New EP

TPS Fam Member Jack Diggs drops his NEW album ‘DIRTY FINGERNAILS!!

With 7 years of lacing beats and bars with musical gems for dope crew TPS Fam. Jack Diggs takes us on a personal journey with his latest offering. Jack Diggs and Revorg records proudly announce Jacks new album DIRTY FINGER NAILS. Heres his new video off the album Kill the Sound. Watch it here .   For those whom have been living under a rock during that time. Jack Diggs is one of 3 parts of notorious crew TPS Fam (Strange Neighbor and Big Toast make up the rest of the TPS Fam nucleus) His first release since the album  Get what your given. Which showcased his lyrical ability and talents and his rightful place in the game.

Now DIRTY FINGERNAILS his highly anticipated second album also features many sick guestsJack Diggs front coverJack Diggs back cover. Vocal contributions come from Strange Neighbour and Big Toast from TPS, King Kiaow from IRS, Cracker Jon of High Focus Records, Efeks of Prose, Bristol veteran Sirplus, Blunt Boogie representatives Mista Melo and Cadalack Ron and DJ Al Mighty on the cuts throughout. All beats are crafted by Jack himself, the other half by The Strange Neighbour. Bars are reflective and conscious. No punchline or filler here. Boom bap feel to the beats. DIRTY FINGER NAILS drops on May 27th!!! PRE ORDERS  available on May 10th 2013!!!

If you need to contact him for gigs or info reach him here- TPS Fam Facebook page

Or at his page- Jack Diggs Facebook page


New Video Big Toast ft TPS Fam – Big Drinking (prd Shroomz)

Click video here. Taken from Crusts 2 available for free download from or If ya feelin it Support TPS here   .

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