Blitz MaviMarx Ft. Phoenix Da Icefire & GS Advance

Brand new inferno endangering the airwaves. This time epic link up with UK super team Triple Darkness from London and Wu Affiliate MaviMarx from the Wisemen crew outta Detroit. MaviMarx comes with GS Advance NYC Vet, and London mic serial killer, Solar Black on some real fire. Yo family trust this new ‘Blitz‘ joint is a banger and may cause major neck pain. Phoenix Da IceFire aka Solar Black weighs heavy alongside some of Detroits finest in this sick collabo.

Hope to see more of the same as Triple Darkness family spreads its grip across the globe. Get to know. Watch this space for more dope UK Hip Hop and info on Triple Darkness.

‘The Beatles’ video drops. Valiant ft Phoenix Da IceFire & Ray Vendetta

Beetles video just landed

Beetles video just landed

Sup people.  As promised ‘The Beatles‘ video by Valiant ft Phoenix Da IceFire and Ray Vendetta just landed. You know London Underground had to post this. Standard! Filmed by Abbey Road you can see how this whole shoot came together in the following link.

New Beatles Video shoot

Yea make sure to grab yall neck braces for this head nodder family. Visuals by dope team Global Faction. Mixed down by musical mad scientist Chemo. So sit back and enjoy the new fire!!!

Watch ‘The Beatles‘ video here

Flowtecs debut album ‘The Iron Chancellor’ Out Now+Album review

The Iron Chancellor out now!!

The Iron Chancellor out now!! Artwork by Rings of Saturn

Yo peoples dope underground news from the basement. Today the new debut album ‘The Iron Chancellor‘ was sent over to me for review. It is a joint project from Flowtecs and ill beatsmith, Bad company. Trust it is an honor to bring good news of sick upcoming artists. Flowtecs and Bad Company are two you need to watch. Be on the look out for ‘The Iron Chancellor‘ by Flowtecs which is available for free download here

  The Iron Chancellor‘ free download available here

Flowtec and Ray Vendetta. Make sure you check all their tunes.

Flowtec and Ray Vendetta. Make sure you check all their tunes.

Here is a bit of background on Flowtecs if ya now just checking him. While Flowtecs new joint, ‘The Iron Chancellor ‘ is his debut. I’ve been following him for time now. Hailing from North London hes featured with many dope artists in the UK and is heavily featured on the dope album ‘#TeamGuavara: An Ensemble’ by K Zorro (Also a sick album yall should pick up) Available for free download here.

Cop  ‘#TeamGuavara: An Ensemble ‘ by K Zorro (Heavily featuring Flowtecs)

Flowtecs started out his music career as a producer. Though he hung around a lot of emcees. He was withdrawn and introverted type personality. Two years back when some of his production equipment broke. He gave the mic a shot for his first time. Attacking the music differently. This time from the emcee angle. Being around his friends who were also emcees gave him the basic idea of spitting. Now with this knowledge he was inspired by what he could do on a mic. Plus he could break out of his shell and realize the goals he wanted. Leading him on his musical quest ever since.

Check Flowtecs video landslide


  Flowtecs has worked with many notable emcees from UK. Notably: Solar Black aka Phoenix Da IceFire, Cyrus Malachi, Ray Vendetta, K Zorro, Strive, Venom Spitter. Just to name a few. Flowtecs is not the type to rest on his laurels. He writes bars everyday and is constantly creating music. I would say Flowtec as an emcee has many strengths. Not only is he prolific as a writer and always grinding. As Guru of Gangstar once said  in reference to what you need in this game to succeed “You got to have voice. Flowtec defo is on point with his. “Hes got a nasally, grimy vocal tone. Somewhere along the lines of a cross between a raspy B-Real of Cypress Hill and or a gravelly voiced version of Leaf Dog. Not in imitation of style but in some similarity in tone. Flowtecs still stands out vocally from the aforementioned artists. With the exception of some minor similarities, Flowtecs has his own style. His bars are tightly woven with breath control. Perfect timing with his delivery. Hes not locked into one way of rhyming and is comfortable with punchlines as well as serious topics. Flowtecs is the type of emcee that continues to grow in leaps and bounds as an artist. As is evident in his work I think we’ll see a lot more of Flowtecs in the future.

Bad Company solo comin soon. Bad Company is chillin on the Triple Darkness Reanimation set.

Bad Company solo comin soon. Bad Company is chillin on the Triple Darkness Reanimation set.

Bad Company is also a name you need to know. Right from Islington, in North London. Bad Company brings the fire with his beats. Hes been on his beat grind for six years. Working with many artists and is the now apart of UK super crew Triple Darkness. He met Flowtec through his friendship with fellow artist K Zorro.  Listened to Flowtecs work on Soundcloud and the rest was history. Be ready people cause Bad Company is in the final stages of his first solo ep. Bad Company says it will be different from what people are use too. So watch this space for more info on that!!

Album Review

Okay so first off the ‘The Iron Chancellor‘ is Flowtecs 8 track album debut. It features all production by Bad Company. Its mixed down by one of the best to ever do it ‘Chemo‘.  With cuts by Sam Zircon (Get to know Sam as well). From the start of  ‘The Iron Chancellor‘ you can tell off the bat this is a nicely mixed and well put together album. No vocals drowning out the beat. Or no vocals lost in the beat. The quality of the mix down is apparent instantly and stays consistent through out the release.  Flowtecs sounds right at home flowing over Bad Company production effortlessly from tune to tune. Bad Company sends the listener on a head nodding journey. With a nice mix of production that seamlessly is interwoven into a powerful offering of hip hop for any beat nut. Old timey samples give this album a life of its own with or without vocals. Luckily for us Flowtecs blesses the listeners ears with bars that paint picture in you mind. Bringing the ingredients needed to make up a  solid album. The feel of the music on this is realistic tales of life and struggle and coping with these struggles as we are living within it. In the track ‘Dust Cold‘  It emphasizes us trying to navigate through a city thats attempting to drag us down into it.  Racing against time to achieve our success while we still can. Fighting both the clock and our fears at once. Its a struggle but we must traverse it regardless. The beat on ‘Dust Cold‘ is an understated soothing piano/keyboard sample over  boom bap drums.The Track ‘False allegations‘ calls out over hyped artists pulling stunts and other various fakers of life we must deal with in our day to day path.The beat is horns keyboards and tinny piano on ‘False allegations‘ matches the punchlines perfect Flowtecs put his emotions lyrically on his sleeve in the ‘The Iron Chancellor‘. Blending his verses perfectly into Bad Company symphonic compositions to cause the audience to visualize his lines as if a paint brush painted them. If your looking for fun party music with grab a beer and smoke a spliff. Then stay away from ‘The Iron Chancellor The subject matter here is much darker and deeper and mature then that. While having its moments it not a depressing album. Quite introspective in many parts. Reflecting on the pain and everyday struggle while also warning of the snakes and hazards of our tenuous lives. Overall though its a nice debut from Flowtecs and Bad Company. A solid 8 track release for any fan of hip hop who like it raw and straight to the point bars. Beats are defo sick and you will not be disappointed with any of them. ‘The Iron Chancellor‘ is a must cop if you fall into the categories mentioned above.

Check the Track list of  ‘The Iron Chancellor

Back Cover of Iron Chancellor ft Flowtec and Badcompany

Back Cover of Iron Chancellor ft Flowtec and Badcompany


2.shoot 2 kill

3.false allegations

4.humble beginnings

5.dust cloud

6.death paints a picture





Download the new  ‘The Iron Chancellor‘ here

If you wanna contact Flowtec

Soundcloud page

If you wanna contact Bad Company

Soundcloud page


New Omerta album review ‘Knowledge Quest The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1

" I was reading a lot preparing to start an album. I wanted it to be my journey through life music and book."

” I was reading a lot preparing to start an album. I wanted it to be my journey through life music and book.” Omerta

Sup my undergrounders!! Got some new heat out of the UK hip hop scene, for y’all to peep with your ear holes. Just got the advance copy of the new album Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1 by Omerta. The album is the first part of a planned trilogy of albums from Omerta which will all be made available for free downloading. It has been heavily inspired by Omerta’s life journey and also off of the Robert Anton Wilson book series the ‘Cosmic Trigger Trilogy. If your new to Omerta here’s his story. He began in the battle scene but felt drained and never liked it. So he began doing shows and building up his reputation as an emcee for a bit. Until finally he decided to buckle down and focus on creating his album. Hes spent many year in studios. He soon discovered his deep love of performing shows and penning bars brought him great satisfaction. Once he shifted his focus on his album his creativity could be properly channeled. Here in Omertas own words are what led up to Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1

“The knowledge quest is my mate Joe Bruce’s concept. He fed me some documentaries and shit while I was reading a lot preparing to start an album. I wanted it to be my journey through life music and book. The album is the last 10 years of my life as well as a lot of ideas theory’s and shit that I pondered on. The line between reality and fantasy gets crossed a few times and some theory’s in there are flawed possibly. But that’s what I come across in my quest for knowledge! I will be doing another two albums and they will all be free downloads. Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1 is called that because the struggle in this album was ugly and  still is ugly. It’s ain’t glamorous with a pretty ending but who’s life is when you’re broke.”


Album Review

  The album Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1 immediately dives into a metaphysical vibe. With songs and skits which subject matter dives into many deep topics. From societies humanity being lost to scientific advancements in a ever quickening modern world. From the hierarchical governments covertly being manipulated by secret societies. Using sci-ops and false information to control the masses to create a fascist type regime. Somewhat invisible to the majority of society. From astral plane traveling to finding spiritiual knowledge of ourselves. These are some of the themes you will hear in this release. Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1 takes the listener on a journey where the very spiritual essence of man struggles to find answers while trying to navigate in our quest for self improvement. Facing these pitfalls with just our wits to guide us on our path to achieve enlightenment in a world filled with darkness.

The tone of the verses are often quite melancholy and address these issues. In my opinion trying to challenge the audience to become aware of the imperceptible spiritual laws and entities around us. Whilst bettering our own path in life and changing the world surrounding us to realize such spiritual growth.  The beats on here are quite unique and coalesce nicely with the verses. This is not a typical boom bap style album. Its loaded with tribal drums, tinny piano, eerie vocal samples, dreary violin samples and thought provoking skits.

I enjoyed this album a lot but depending on the genre of hip hop your into, some may not like it or understand its real potential and genius. Its not for fans who are looking for pop sounding records or typical 90’s style boom bap based hip hop. For me this is what makes Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1 album stand out amongst so many other releases. Its a thought provoking album filled with many talented emcees and producers. London Underground recommends that if your looking for some innovative music that challenges your intellect yet satisfies your ears at the same time. Look no further. Be sure to get your free download of  Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1   when that lands. Check the track list below to see the heavy lineup that came together in the crafting of this album.

Back cover of Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1

Back cover of Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1

1)Knowledge Quest Intro
2)The Wayfarers ft Teach Em & Iron Braydz
3)Master Coo ft Menace Mendoza, Joey Menza & Gordo Templi
4)Explosive Hands
5)Cosmic Trigger ft Robert Anton Wilson
6)Knowledge Quest Intermission
7)Journey To The Darkside Ft Menace Mendoza
8)Elysium ft Ekyro, Nomad, A4
9)Cold ft Ekyro
11)Park Bench Destiny
12)Cat Shuffler ft Nomad
13)Ninth Gate ft Nomad & Menace Mendoza
14)Violin Underworld
15)Acid Showers ft Cyrus Malachi, Ray Vendetta and Tesla’s Ghost
16)Knowledge Quest Outro


Check out the latest videos below from Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1



Watch this site for more UK hip hop info and also for the release date of Knowledge Quest ‘The Ugly Struggle’ volume 1  from Omerta

To contact Omerta Check the links below

On Twitter @omertaguevara

On Facebook


Habit and DJ Severe drop a new album ‘Empire Building’ (Album Review)

Empire Building EP from Habitat and DJ Severe out now!!

Empire Building EP from Habitat and DJ Severe out now!!

Welcome back fellow undergrounders!! Got some new flavor for your ears to savor. Just got our hooks on the new joint by Habitat and DJ Severe. Empire Building. This is a fresh ten track installment from the fellas at Boom Bap Professionals. And as their name suggests the do bring the Boom Bap and bring it proper.  There is a wealth of talent backing this label and if your into Boom Bap, big beats, dope mix downs, and wordplay, then get to know the Boom Bap Professionals.Boom bap professionals Click the link below to see the massive catalog or sonic goodies from the Boom Bap Professionals‘ team.


Click here for Boom Bap Professionals catalog

Habitat is one third of the sick Midlands crew Heavy Links.( With Donnie Proppa & MC / Producer El Tel The Dopeness )Make sure you check out and  then cop their albums. Get to know!

Click here to cop Heavy Links catalog


Album Review

Anyways lets take a look at BBP’s latest release ‘Empire Building‘ this time with sick duo Habitat and DJ Severe. Battle Veteran of the ‘DMC’s ‘ DJ Severe handles all production on the album and trust this joint hits hard from the get go. Bringing with it a plethora of insane DJ breaks by Severe. Hip hop has and is seriously lacking DJ’s of any kind these days. Well Trust Empire Building shatters that trend here. The listener can easily get lost in the breaks and reminisce about the times when DJ’s were just as much as contributors as emcees and producers. Severe make great hooks with his blessed butchering and the cuts never seem tired or out of place through out Empire Building .

All production on Empire Building masterfully crafted by DJ Severe

All production on Empire Building masterfully crafted by DJ Severe

The vibe on the beats is soulful yet uplifting. As I listened to the album I found a lot of head nodding happening. Combined with a solid mix-down (no overly loud vocals or tinny beats). Nice piano loops, heavy sounds, stringed instruments from acoustic to electric blended to perfection, hard hitting drums with flutes, guitar laced beats over keyboards, and samples of choir voices singing sum up a robust offering of traditional hip hop done right. No off beats on this that will make you cringe.  Emcee duties are handled aptly by Habitat. Inspired heavily by 90’s East Coast hip hop, he spits with complex rhymes schemes and is original with his verses. For example some artists rhyme with a predictable flow that can easily be forecasted, where the listener can surmise what rhyme they are going to say next. When Habitat grabs the mic he spits with a diverse vocabulary that will leave you craving his next lines and wondering whats next. Taking you on a verbose lyrical journey. Which I think most heads will be glad to be on.  Habitat brings the wordplay and combines it with a nice array of conscious verses over sick loops, crisp beats, heavy drums and vicious cuts by DJ Severe.

Habitat proves his skills are heavy on Empire Building

Habitat proves his skills are heavy on Empire Building

While mostly a solo outing for Habitat to show off his lyrical skills there are two tracks on here with features. Hip hop veterans Oliver Sudden and Luca Brazi bring the fire on the tune ‘Early Bird‘ Also some nice verses on the track ‘Polyrythmic‘ with special guests Mnsr Frites, Archetype, El Tel The Dopeness & Chrome. Habitat’s verses shows his skills can carry this album on their own. Yet on these features he ups his game when teaming up with these emcees. Overall this will be a nice addition to any hip hop aficionados collection. I’m looking forward to see more from this Habitat and DJ Severe team up hopefully in the future. London Underground suggest you pick this up if you’re a fan of boom bap and skilled wordplay then pick up  ‘Empire Building‘ Check out the new single off of ‘Empire Building

Habitat & DJ Severe – ‘Valhalla Rhyming’ (Empire Building LP)Video


Check out the track list

Overall this will be a nice addition to any hip hop aficionados collection.

Overall this will be a nice addition to any hip hop aficionados collection.

Make sure you support dope artists and pick up ‘Empire Building‘ on Vinyl or CD  and check out the many different available packages when you cop this album.

1.) Vinyl £11.99

2.) CD £4.99

3.) Vinyl and CD bundle £14.99

4.) Vinyl and Empire black tee bundle £24.99

5.) CD and Empire tee bundle £17.99 GBP

6.) Vinyl and Boom Bap Professionals varsity hoodie £37.99

Big up your music collection and your wardrobe!! Just click the link below

Click here Empire Building

New ”Beatles” video shoot. Valiant ft Phoenix Da IceFire & Ray Vendetta

beatles video shoot pic 2

Phoenix Da IceFire, Ray Vendetta,and Valiant from left to right. On the Beetles shoot with Global faction

New data straight outta the Triple Darkness Camp. Beatles video soon come from Epic video producer Global faction. With up and coming dope London beatsmtih Valiant. Joining him is super emcees from Triple Darkness Ray Vendetta and Phoenix Da IceFire. Trust Ray and Phoenix always bring the illest wordplay. Make sure to check their back catalog. Go and cop that Silver Casket Mixtape by Solar Black aka Phoenix Da IceFire and Black Chronical in the link below. Plus watch out for Rays new project: Greater Good and Ray Vendetta present Rayoflight Effortless coming June 2014. (Greater Good is a close friend of Heyzeus (from OBBA SUPA),and did photography and EP artwork for Rays 1st project Guess who’s coming to dinner

Beetles video soon come!! Watch this space!!

Valiants’ Beetles video soon come!! Watch this space!!

Click here for Ray Vendettas Latest project Seven Swordz of Light

Click here for Phoenix Da IceFires store

This Beatles video is mad anticipated here at London Underground! (Check the pics from the shoot in this article) Make sure you watch this spot when the Beatles video drops you can bet well have that locked on. If ya ain’t heard of Valiant here’s why. Though he’s making power moves in the game he only just started releasing his stuff last January. He’s been working with many talented artists. Such as Phoenix Da IceFire, Ray Vendetta, Iron Braydz, Non Applicable, Mike K from Streetsouls UK, Big Cakes, Wordsmiff, Logic, Sonny Jim, Amy True, Verb T, and DSOTM. Trust, that’s quite a list of  talented artist. So you can see Valiant is gonna defo have an impact on the game.


beatles video shoot pic 4

Ray Vendetta of Triple Darkness laying it down at the Beetles video shoot!!

Valiant is not afraid to get his hands dirty diggin in the crates. He’s a huge boom bap fan. Inspired by such beat legends as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Stoupe, Chemo, Lewis Parker and Jesse James. Look out this summer as he is looking to do a video for a track he’s done with Mike K, big cakes, logic and Amy True. Keep ya eyes locked here for that drop!! He’ll be releasing his EP soon and its scheduled to drop in September.



“The Videos gonna have a different look and feel to it” Ray Vendetta

His LP will feature some of the artists mentioned before. So make sure you check for that and watch this spot for more info on Valiant and Triple Darkness. As soon as ‘The Beatles video lands London Underground will post that. Lock on to this site.

Click here to Check Valient’s soundcloud page

Click here to contact Valiant on Facebook




Guess whos coming to dinner. Tesla's Ghost and Flow Tecs makin a cameo in the new video.

Guess whos coming to dinner? Tesla’s Ghost and Flow Tecs makin a cameo in the new video from Global Faction.

Ruff Mix Lost Trip 2, by Omar Teknology Out Now!!!

Calling all you undergrounders! Got some new musical blessings for your ears. This time reppin from South East London, sick producer/emcee Omar Teknology is laying out his follow-up to Ruff Mix Lost Trip.

Cop the first one Ruff Mix Lost Trip click here


Ruff Mix Lost trip_2

This time round the new joint is bringing chill vibes and kick back sounds. Ruff Mix Lost Trip 2 is an all instrumental project/beat tape. Due to technical demons the word on the album is every project file of every single beat on Ruff Mix Lost Trip 2 was lost. This is the reason for the title and gritty sound of the rough mixes. Still it adds to the sound and  does not distract the listener from the music.With only 300 limited edition CD’s made you’ll need to hurry and get ya mitts on this fast. Also a digital version is available for those heads that can’t wait. Make sure yo go and cop that and support Omar Teknology.

Go and cop Ruff Mix Lost Trip 2 click here

To contact Omar Teknology on Facebook click here

To book Omar Teknology click here

New Solomon Caine album “Guerilla Godz-Unmask the Phantom” out now!

Attention undergrounders. Have ya peeped sick producer Solomon Caine? If ya haven’t ya been missing out. He brings dope complex beats over ill drums to craft perfect bangers. Well recently he just dropped his latest offering called Guerilla Godz- Unmask the Phantom. With a nice line up from all over the globe. When London Underground caught up with him. We asked him his take on the album. He had this to say about the concept of the new Guerilla Godz- Unmask the Phantom album. Heres Solomon Caines‘ description of the Concept of this album.


This seems to describe it to a T. Make sure you go and cop this. Support dope artists and keep em bringin that new fire too us.

Check the link here to cop Guerilla Godz- Unmask the Phantom out now!

Also check for him here at facebook

Heres his soundcloud page

New T Bear album “#bearwithme2: Bear Sophisticated” Free DL

TBear_bearwithme2_Bear_Sophisticated-front-largeBrand new joint just dropped from dope London emcee T. Bear aka Tuberculosis. The album is called “bearwithme2: Bear Sophisticated” Truss if you check T Bear’s c.v. you’ll see hes dropped mad fire. Hes also apart of the sick UK crew “The Colony”.  Hes also made some tight albums on the way here. Beast from the East, T.B. vs Jon Phonics, Bear wit me plus mad features with other Hip Hop greats this side of the Atlantic. Be sure to peep those albums as well but down load this new joint “#bearwithme2: Bear Sophisticated“.  Free download from Dat Piff so make sure you cop dat. #bearwithme2: Bear Sophisticated is also packed with some sick features.  Including Genesis Elijah, Loudmouth, Ti2bs, Iron Braydz, Kyza, Conspicuous and more. Make sure to bump this out ya speakers and enjoy. London Underground recommends you DL this and big up ya Hip Hop collection.

Download this album here #bearwithme2: Bear Sophisticated 

Melanin 9 (aka M9) Drops his first album High Fidelity album on Vinyl Release : 31.05.14

M9 high fidelity vinylYo straight from the Triple Darkness Hidden fortress comes this new re-release of a ill classic banger. New re-release of High Fidelity Ep drops May thirty first. 2014. Original Triple Darkness founding member, Melanin 9 aka M9 blessed us with High Fidelity back in 2007. When it first released it was lauded as an instant Hip Hop classic. M9 blessed these beats with his unmatchable flow and deep introspective analysis. Straight out the gate people saw that Melanin 9 was one of the illest emcees to walk the shores of the UK ,US, or any continent for that matter. Though an instant classic, High Fidelity was a mixtape with beats owned by other artists. This High Fidelity EP is a re-release on vinyl with all new original beats. Also with unreleased bonus track ‘Colours’ . Production from Chemo aka Telemachus, Beat Butcha & New Comer Loopholes. Also features from Triple Darkness members and Terra Firma alum Skriblah Dan Gogh. Yo peoples London Underground highly recommends you pick up this release while its still available. And if you a haven’t peeped the original album High Fidelity cop that here

First 50 orders will buy it at a discount price of £9.99, with free postage and packaging. Only 300 COPIES available.

Release Date: 31.05.14



1. 4 Souls [Produced By Beat Butcha]  [WATCH VIDEO]

2. Silent Weaponz [Feat. Triple Darkness] [Produced By Chemo]

3. Cold [Feat. Skriblah Dan Gogh] [Produced By Chemo]

4. Colours Bonus* [Produced By Loop Holes] [VIDEO COMING SOON]

Side B


Cop the Pre Order herehigh fidelity vinyl back

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