‘For My Enjoyment Only’ New album by Reckless

reckless for my enjoyment

New album by Reckless out now!! Free download below

From the city of Nottingham comes upcoming emcee Reckless’s new release ‘For My Enjoyment Only‘. Trust me people this album is nice. Reckless has been out for a minute and his new release ‘For My Enjoyment Only‘ is coming off the heels of his album ‘Elevate‘ with fellow emcee Casacas. Yea Reckless ain’t just some boring new jack. Dudes been grinding for a bit and already has spit with some of the dopest around to touch a mic. On hs last album ‘Elevate‘ He spit with the likes of Bizarre of D12, Klashnekoff, Copywrite and Blaq Poet just to name a few.

Trust with his new album ‘For My Enjoyment Only‘ you can expect more of the same.  This time hes got Chino Xl, Gutta, Verses, Verb T, Deps, Genesis Elijah, Cappo, Marvin Brown, Dotz, and C- Mone. Yea people thats right thats just the features on this album and they don’t disappoint. Reckless holds his own among these titans of UK hip hop and brings forth more ill bars over soulfull beats.  This is a well crafted album that doesn’t fail to get heads ringing and feet tapping. Make sure you don’t sleep on this release and let it pass you by. Plus the production on here is also lock step with the quality of the emcees on the album.  Productions credits include: Vherbal, Oskar Mike, Gene Serpent, Caskade Dirtywordsmith, First Blood, Pete Cannon, Inspecta Morze, and Lantz. With sick cuts by DJ Jabbathakut!! Yea just check this epic track list people

for my enjoyment only

I defo enjoyed stumbling onto this little gem of hip hop from Reckless. London Underground recommends you snatch up ‘For My Enjoyment Only‘ as a free download in the link below. This is an album full of bangas plus watch this space for more info on UK underground hip hop!!!

Dowload the new album ‘For my Enjoyment Only

Watch the new Video

Green Eyed Monster (Produced by Inspecta Morze) – Reckless feat Cappo, 1st Blood and Dotz.


Contact Reckless here https://www.facebook.com/recklessnottzfinest

Endemic ft. Letia Larok, C-Mone, & Sima Lee – Not Like Us

Watch  Not Like Us Video

US & UK Collabo. Too sick cop the album here

Three sick Cappo Tunes!!! Check the link!! Grand final, Worldly possesions, All this and more!!!

http://www.myspace.com/nottzbronx Knottinghams son brings you 3 sick of his classic bangas. Check out his bandcamp to support and bless ya ear oles’ http://bandcamp.com/tag/cappo  

Scor Zay Zee – Great Britain Bare Classic Tune!!

UK hip hop artist Scor Zay Zee. Great Britain. Knottinghams finest. Lyrics here:

Yo, the BNP still exists in Great Britain
Police brutality exists in Great Britain
Slavery made the riches of Great Britain
The Queen wears stolen diamonds, Great Britain
Her husband’s a Freemason, Great Britain
They killed Lady Di, Great Britain
Do I have to go into why, Great Britain?

Your politicians are corrupt, Great Britain
Your prison’s full of crooks, Great Britain
Your education system is corrupt, Great Britain
Your laws are played out and fucked up, Great Britain
The IRA used to bomb your streets, Great Britain
Then you’re shaking hands in a deal, Great Britain
Thought you never negotiate with terrorists, Great Britain
Are Muslims your only nemesis, Great Britain?
The FBI’s paedophile list, Great Britain
But keep it on a hush-hush-hush, Great Britain


Yo – if I had an army, I would fight ya
If I had the police, I’d arrest ya
If I had my own court, my own judge and jury
I’d sit back and let history tell the story

If I had an army, I would fight ya
If I had the police, I’d arrest ya
If I had my own court, my own judge and jury
I’d sit back and let history tell the story

You sold weapons to Iraq, Great Britain
You sold your soul to America – the Devil, Great Britain
You haven’t got no religion, Great Britain
Do you really believe in Jesus, Great Britain?
Thou shall not kill, Great Britain
Thou shall not steal, Great Britain
The homeless roam your streets, Great Britain
It’s all about your stocks and shares, Great Britain
A mortgage wrapped round your neck for years, Great Britain
The bank manager borrows you money, Great Britain
Now you’re in a whole heap of debt, Great Britain
Poverty is on your doorstep, Great Britain
Sit back and watch TV, Great Britain
Watch the adverts and buy , Great Britain
Everything on finance for you, Great Britain
A slave to the system every day, Great Britain
While the rich take over your brain, Great Britain

Repeat Chorus

Don’t believe what you read in the news, Great Britai

You gave Palestine to the Jews, Great Britain
Stick your nose in people’s affairs, Great Britain
Councillors on 60 grand a year, Great Britain
More than the soldiers in Iraq, Great Britain
Then you have to pay your council tax, Great Britain
The queen lives in a house like Saddam Hussein
They’re both rich
So I guess they’re both one and the same (Ho!)

Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves
Pirates on the ships still they’re searching for the slaves
Control the world in this New World Order
Coulda spent the war money on homes, food and water

I was born and raised in Great Britain
Brainwashed and put in a daze by Great Britain
I learnt how to wrap (rap?) myself in Great Britain
Yo, there’s nuttin’ better than livin’ in Great

Dope video Hip Hop (Produced by Alex Vance) Feat. C-Mone

First single off Alex Vance’s compilation album FLIGHT TO THE UK Featuring UK Award Winning HipHop Femcee C-Mone. Enjoy.

C-Mone: Catch Me If U Can

Sick underground UK emcee from Knotts city

Stan Bac – C-mone

Sick emcee outta Knottingham. Peep the steez!!!