New OBBA SUPA tune!! Me Bluesy


   Another fresh track from the OBBA SUPA camp.

 ‘Me Bluesy’  brand new for 2013!

If you don’t know OBBA SUPA is Hey!Zeus as gemcrafting beatsmith  and emcee Teknical Development on mic blessings. This is original sounds with next level beats to get ya head noddin. No cliches and content filled reflective bars.

This is not cookie cutter Hip Hop. 

  Check out the sound cloud link and big up ya ears.


If ya want to know more about OBBA SUPA check their Facebook page > OBBA SUPAs facebook page.

For more tunes to bump check Tek D’s Youtube channel as well >      Tek D’s Facebook page.


New Ray Vendetta + 7th Dan Album!!-7 Swordz of Light – 3 Strike Kill Preview/snippets . Album Soon come.

Ray Vendetta in forestThe Triple Darkness fam member and OBBA SUPA general Ray Vendetta blesses ears with his new album 7Sword of Light.

7 Swordz Of Light is Ray Vendettas latest, ill project and its fully produced by 7th Dan. If ya don’t know  7th Dan is one of UK’s illest producers and Triple Darkness beat miner/mad scientist. This album features Cyrus Malachi ajnd Melanin 9. Trust me peoples Ray is one of the sickest spittin emceess from around the globe. London Underground Highly recommends you cop this. Ray and TD Not to be slept on period. Check the 7 swords snippets link in purple and ear dat. 7 Swordz of Light preview Ray Vendetta 7 swords of light 


Wet Dreams Over Nightmares – OBBA SUPA – For AM

Ill tune from OBBA SUPA’ Wet Dreams Over Nightmares’. Off the For A.M. album.  Click here Whole Album is dope. Cop that here For A.M.  In fact I highly recommend any hip hop head to cop this one. Ill sound scapes from Hey!zeus. Laced with sick conscious , thought provoking bars from Teknical Development. Sick UK duo OBBA SUPA check "To:am / Free:am" album.OBBA SUPA For Am

Sick UK duo OBBA SUPA check “To:am / Free:am” album.



Been a while since I wrote on the ol” blog. But found yet another UK group thats must be mentioned-OBBA SUPA. Check out this Barefaced tune from the Obba Supa’s album To am/Free:am”. Next level beats by Hey Zeus! and reflective thought provoking bars by Teknical Development. Jazzy spaced out beats that take you on a sonic journey of sounds and rythems seemlessly blended for ear consumption. Full of content filled bars. Dope for heads on a positive or social issue tip. But chill smooth beats perfect for even the most casual of headz. Even the mix is spot on quality. Deffo recommend coppin this album. Another sick banger in a year of mad crazy, ill, UK Hip Hop.