New Melanin 9 video “Colours”

Yo peoples! I got some live news straight from the dungeon.  Triple Darkness general and wordsmithing genius Melanin 9’s  drops his new track/Video “Colours” produced by Loopholes. Available for purchase on the High Fidelity Vinyl out now!!

Watch that here  Colours Video

Yea for those unaware Melanin 9 aka  M9 aka M’Nine’ Ether not only worked with Triple Darkness (one of the tightest/most talented crews in Hip Hop period imo). But also M9 has an extensive back catalog of dope albums available for download and purchase here.

For those who are up on the Triple Darkness movement, there is more sick news. M9 is accepting pre orders for a Vinyl re release of his first mixtape High Fidelity. That album featured M9 spitting over beats not owned by him. M9 saw fit to remedy this with the High Fidelity re release. Which will feature all new original beats. With production from Chemo aka Telemachus, Beat Butcha & New Comer Loopholes along with features from his crew Triple Darkness and Skriblah Dan Gogh from Terra Firma. New Cover art. In addition to that instrumentals.  Plus a new bonus track “Colours as seen in the video. Which is landing the fourteenth of this March!

Only 300 COPIES available. Cop that vinyl here and support

Also London Underground caught up with M9 and asked him whats new on the horizon? It turns out at this time M9 and Triple Darkness crew are busy toiling in the lab to craft their new album.  Hopefully we’ll have more news on that soon. As I can say a lot of heads have been impatiently waiting on that. So make sure you watch this space. Don’t forget to snatch a copy of the re release of High Fidelity as there are only 300 available. And they are moving fast.Colours M9's new videohigh fidelity vinyl back

Melanin 9 (aka M9) Drops his first album High Fidelity album on Vinyl Release : 31.05.14

M9 high fidelity vinylYo straight from the Triple Darkness Hidden fortress comes this new re-release of a ill classic banger. New re-release of High Fidelity Ep drops May thirty first. 2014. Original Triple Darkness founding member, Melanin 9 aka M9 blessed us with High Fidelity back in 2007. When it first released it was lauded as an instant Hip Hop classic. M9 blessed these beats with his unmatchable flow and deep introspective analysis. Straight out the gate people saw that Melanin 9 was one of the illest emcees to walk the shores of the UK ,US, or any continent for that matter. Though an instant classic, High Fidelity was a mixtape with beats owned by other artists. This High Fidelity EP is a re-release on vinyl with all new original beats. Also with unreleased bonus track ‘Colours’ . Production from Chemo aka Telemachus, Beat Butcha & New Comer Loopholes. Also features from Triple Darkness members and Terra Firma alum Skriblah Dan Gogh. Yo peoples London Underground highly recommends you pick up this release while its still available. And if you a haven’t peeped the original album High Fidelity cop that here

First 50 orders will buy it at a discount price of £9.99, with free postage and packaging. Only 300 COPIES available.

Release Date: 31.05.14



1. 4 Souls [Produced By Beat Butcha]  [WATCH VIDEO]

2. Silent Weaponz [Feat. Triple Darkness] [Produced By Chemo]

3. Cold [Feat. Skriblah Dan Gogh] [Produced By Chemo]

4. Colours Bonus* [Produced By Loop Holes] [VIDEO COMING SOON]

Side B


Cop the Pre Order herehigh fidelity vinyl back

Knuckle Dust (New Video from Triple Darkness.)

Check out the new fire from UK super group Triple Darkness. This posse cut features the best emcees of TD fame. Featuring Blasphemy. Black Prophet, Ray Vendetta, M9, Cyrus Malachi, Phoenix Da IceFire, Tesla’s Ghost, Iron Braydz. Knuckle Dust is a sick jam don’t sleep on this. Make sure you check the Knuckle Dust video and also keep a look out for the new Triple Darkness Mixtape droppin soon. Also M9 and Cyrus Malachi also have a duo album droppin soon. Watch this space. triple darkness scarab beetle

ALL NEW CYRUS MALACHI-THE PRELUDE (Exclusive Bonus Track) Produced by Remazz

Fresh from First Son Records. NEW BONUS JOINT THE PRELUDE FROM CYRUS MALACHI’S LONG AWAITED BLACK ATHENA ALBUM. LANDING 20TH OF APRIL !!! . Also go down and support him at his pre release.

Be one of the first to get ya mits on this New drop Black Athena.triple darkness scarab beetle Check the pre release event details here. You can also pre order ya own copy of Black Athena here. CD400_in Real bars, Real lyrics, Really go and get one and bless the ears with Hip Hop at its best.

Cyrus Malachi’s long journey to Black Athena ( A musical journey to his new album)

Coming on 13/04/20

Coming on 13/04/20

Cover for the upcoming album. With stunning art by Gary Alford.

Cover for the upcoming album. With stunning art by Gary Alford.

Yo heads out there check the amazing news. Cyrus Malachi is offering a Pre Order from his highly anticipated, upcoming album ‘Black Athena’. Available here. > Pre Order Black Athena   First Pre Orders will recieve a rare physical copy of Isis Papers Vol 3. While supplies last.

Out soon on 20/04/13.  But for those who don’t know here is brief scoop on the musical journey that led Cyrus Malachi to the ‘Black Athena’ album. Cyrus Malachi is  one of the founding members of UK super group Triple Darkness. Their first album ‘Anathema’ dropped in 2008. Its now known as another UK classic. It was soon obvious then that this was no average crew. With dark melancholic bars, vivid street images lacing chilling vision over sick beats. He quickly solidified himself as a ill spitter himself next to some of UK’s best emcees like Kyza, Skriblah and Blind Alphabetz on the TD album. In 2009 he joined the certified super team ‘Orphans of Cush’. Featuring the likes of M9, Kyza, and Masikah. They smashed the scene at the time with their debut album ‘White Noize.

After this time, being a prolific writer he has also made two mixtapes. Isis Papers vol 1-2 and also featuring heavily on M9 aka Melanin 9’s albums ‘High Fidelity’, 144,000, and Orions stencil. Malachi put his mark on Endemics ‘Terminal Illness’ album combining with Knotts own Cappo and Endemic. In 2010 He then released his sought after, first full length album ‘Ancient Future’. It opened to rave reviews around the Hip Hop community worldwide. Once again forever branding his name in the UK Hip Hop scene. Most recently hes has dropped Isis Paper Vol 3.

His resume of collabos around the world include: Kyza, Jehst, Skribblah, Phoenix Da Icefire, King Cipher Jewelz, Iron Braydz, Ruste Juxx, Ill Bill, Vendetta Kingz,Sav Killz, Leathaface, Njeri Earth, Bronze Nazareth, M9,, Mohammed Yahya, Cappo, 9 Planets, Blasphemy, he has also supported live world renowned artists like GZA/Genius of the Wu Tang Clan, Saigon, Immortal Technique, Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Redman and has worked with producers like Beat Butcha, Chemo, Endemic, Anatomy, LG, Jon Phonics. London Underground highly endorses this artist and his work. If ya don’t know him. Please get to know. Show support and bless your ears!!

Black Athena by Cyrus Malachi Pre Order is now available!!!

Yo peeps check this fantastic news. Cyrus Malachi has his official release date for Black Athena 20/04/13 Pre Order now available!! Pre order here.   Black Athena coming soonIts finally here. If ya dont know get to know!!

Melanin 9 – Organized Democracy , The 7 blues, Landslide (2 Official Music Videos 1 track) from the upcoming Magna Carta!!!

Watch Organized Democracy Video. Watch the 7 Blues video. Check out the new Track Landslide by M9.  All 3 songs from the upcoming Magna Carta LP coming 3rd December 2012 featuring Roc Marciano, Triple Darkness & Madame Pepper. Production from Jehst, Anatomy, HeyZues, 7th Dan, Parental, Ohbliv & Tony Mahoney. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chemo at Kilamanjiro Studios, London. Pre-Order here:

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