Task Force M.F.T.C. 5 out now!!!!

Yo Peoples check this. MFTC 5 finally released to the joy of headz everywhere! This album is mad sick and been highly anticipated since  M.F.T.C. (Music, From the Corner) 4 dropped way back on the  31st of December 2006. MFTC 5  is a must cop for anyone who is looking for interesting thought provoking lyrics. From political to metaphysical to self satire, Task Force brings it here. Also top notch wordplay, melancholy soundscapes , and bars that paint vivid images to the listener. This album brings it all and more. Beats are on point and the sound vibe on this echoes the feel of the first four installments from Task Force. Yet it still stands on its own as a dope album. Skits are also on point and funny at times. Such as the one before the track Stanley Doppleganger. Where two fans talk about their undying love for Task Force and how they’ve gone grey since the last release.

To those in the know this is some of the best Hip Hop from this side of the pond or any side for that matter. If your somehow have been living chained to a radiator in a basement and not got a chance to check Task Force.  London Underground recommends you pick this album up along with the previous 4 installments of Music From the Corner.  For a little sampling check the video Found a Way tune here . Fresh off the MFTC 5. 

Cop MFTC 5  CD here at Suspect Packages

and if you need to catch up on the back catalogue of Task Force Cop that here

Jehst Ft Farma G – Staircase To Stage(Prod. Harry Love)

Watch Staircase to Stage ft Jehst and Farma G. Off of Louis Slipperz Classic- £10 Bag Vol 1  Purchase the £10 Bag Vol 1 album here.