Anik of Dark Circle drops new album! ‘CRYPTOCHROME!’

CRYPTOCHROME coverCheck it out my peoples got some new fire coming straight out of the underground. This time  from Anik of the epic group Dark Circle!! Anik’s new highly anticipated album is called ‘Cryptochrome‘ and  from the tunes I’ve heard, is not only sound lyrically but stretches the boundaries of hip hop. With crisp drum and unique heterogeneous sounding electronic beats. This is not your run of the mill, unimaginative, Xerox copy stuff that has been pumped out as much recently as the preceding years. Cryptochrome seeks in its own right to counter that type of music thats been muddling up both mainstream and underground scenes. Sonically speaking  ‘Cryptochrome’ seems to reach further and achieve more than a typical boom bap or horror core ilk typical album. It’s a bit experimental yet familiar. Anik’s verses seem to feel right at ease along with this electronica fueled sound scape. Trust. This ‘Cryptochrome’ album is for those seeking to broaden their musical horizons in hip hop. While at the same time causing the conscious listener to feel right at home with Anik’s on point bars and delivery. The new Pleasant View track comes back with a fresh new sound and crazy eclectic drums over an understated beat laced with horns. First check out the deep lyrics to Pleasant View. Then peep the new video of it off of ‘Cryptochrome

Pleasant View Lyrics

yeh we came here for the pleasant view, incarnate into the residue,
open up the dust like step into limelight better do right by the higher me,
we don’t chase the light we radiate, in my element is where you’ll be finding me,
take it like flux, flow tidally, til it is my time to go, finalize finally,
eye on effin everything, soaking up entirely,
heaven in my present state, nothing that i try to be,
resin burn, resonate, retrograde, summon up the fire,
we spit from the very depths we are..
whole heart soul, never ever less,
rising from the underneath, bubble up, effervesce,
lightning come, thunder speak, every step is very blessed..

elevate, levitate, level up, lever-like,
lift up literally, luminous meteorite,
fly by leisurely, let it be redefined..
we’re easy viewing from a higher plane..

step through thick snow, trudge ‘long muddy path,
never-ending now is like never still, doesn’t last,
spying out the eyes that are one of us,
everyday journey types, we seek all sorts,
deeply immersedin this, full force,
read the synchronicities, thriving at all cost,
very damn alive, this is all plus,
everything internalized, nothing left untouched,
nothing left unseen.. not a damn scene that is not dreamed,
whether from very deep sleep like we’re concussed,
or dragged out, fetched from the underground depths
of the bottomless sea that is sprawled out beneath of our conscious,
arise like convex, realign like we’re compass,
sublime just like sunset intertwine with the long-lost,
reach out for the space that is in between,
light like indigo, fly like easily lifting with one touch,
accomplish all quest, energize from the one source..


Pleasant View Video off of Cryptochrome


Also check out the new ‘Angel Shit’ video off of Cryptochrome

Also check out the new ‘Rhinosaurus’ video off of Cryptochrome



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If your somehow are unfamiliar with Anik here’s some background to get you up to speed. Trust this is an artist whose done a lot of dope music over the years. Here’s his story in Anik’s own words:

" We released our first 12″ on Defcon records “The Perfectionist /Paradoxes” in 2000 "- Anik

” We released our first 12″ on Defcon records “Perfactionist/Paradoxes” in 2000 “- Anik

DC started in 94 when Hoycke, the other mc, Son, one of the 2 producers and I were at school together in north Germany, skateboarding etc. our main inspiration at the time was the Britcore movement which was very much alive in that part of the world, and we started putting on shows in our hometown to be able to play. this became a tradition over a number of years and we even had people like Mystro, Harry love, and Loop Troop gracing the events, as well as other well-known German Britcore groups of the time. I moved to London for art school in 97 where I met the second producer Pats, and Hoycke soon followed, and we became frequent performers in the London underground scene. we released our first 12″ on Defcon Records (with whom we are now working again) “perfectionist/paradoxes” in 2000 (Hoycke was in Germany at the time and only I was on the record.) in the meantime Hoycke had hooked up with DJs Hysteria and Twizzart in Hamburg, and they joined the team, along with Congolese rapper Blaise (RIP). We sent two demos, one from London produced by Pats, and another from Hamburg produced by Son, to dj Vadim, and he signed us on the spot, and we released our album ‘Civilians‘ on his label Jazz Fudge in 2003. It featured London heavyweights Mystro and Skinnyman, whom we had got to know, and a 12″ single of the album (bleak midwinter/pirates) featured Swedish legends Loop Troop. we played shows extensively in the UK and Europe, and one in NYC with Foreign Beggars, whose first album we featured on a few times. (I had got to know pavan of FB at school in the UK) after the release of our first album, musical interests started dissipating, and the second project ‘The Grey Niklz ep‘ (2004) was pretty much a solo project of mine and son’s, with features by Pats and Hoycke, and scratches by son, Hysteria and Twizzart. it was released on the net only, and as far as I know got a lot of downloads. growing tired of London and the hip hop scene as a whole, I moved to Reykjavík, Iceland in 2005 and played around with experimental Lofi folk rap recordings on tape decks and whatever I could get my hands on. in 2009 I started recording my first rap tunes again, and in 2011 Cryptochrome was formed. Dark Circle also featured on releases by Iron Bridge, Disorda, Natty and Dwella, as well as the UK hip hop documentary ‘Pioneers’” –Anik (The Pioneers documentary can be viewed below)

So there you have it. Quite a lot work has and will continue to come together as Anik progresses down his solo path. But Dark Circle fans don’t despair as there is a new reunion in the works. Much to the joy of many heads whom have been patiently waiting for this moment. Don’t forget to get you paws on the latest ill drop by Anik-‘ Cryptochrome’ out now for ya listening pleasure. Check the links below for you copy!!!!.




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