Exclusive ‘MJ AFFAIR’ from Ray Vendetta & Greater Good’s upcoming project Effortless

Effortless by Ray Vendetta and Greater Good lands June of 2014

Effortless by Ray Vendetta and Greater Good lands June of 2014

Brand new tune ‘MJ AFFAIR‘ from Ray Vendetta and Greater Good’s newest project Effortless. Dropping in June 2014!! Tune is chill with the beat and smooth verses from Tesla’s Ghost, Stinkin Slumrok and Joey Menza Produced by Greater Good. Truss Ray brings the goods as well as the dope emcees featured on this project. Be sure to cop this when it lands and keep your eyes and ears locked onto London Underground UK for the latest news on this project and other dope underground tunes.  Enjoy the latest Tune below!!!


Phili N Dotz -Phil N’ the Dotz album review (Instant classic)

New album landing!!! May 31st 2014 Go and get this classic!!

New album landing!!! May 31st 2014 Go and get this classic!!

Sup undergrounders!!! Whew! Today London Underground was blessed in receiving an advanced master copy of the new album by Phili N’ Dotz, aptly titled  Phil N’ the Dotz. Let me tell you right now this album is a total classic. Straight out the gate  Phil N’ the Dotz comes with a vicious intro and doesn’t stop bringing the goods till the last song ends. Only to leave you wanting more. Phili is ferocious with the rhymes and tears into each beat with a blistering fervor. Dotz not to be out done, comes with his rhymes tick for tack with Phili  (which is no easy feat) his explosive word play is truly spectacular. These two are perfect match behind the mic.

This album features a slew of some of the most talented acts in UK hip hop, in both features and on production.

This album features a slew of some of the most talented acts in UK hip hop, in both features and on production.

London Underground was always a fan of Phili and followed him with his previous legendary group Phi-Life cypher. Which I totally rated. Knowing Phili was mad skilled, the question remained how would he come out after Phi-Life cypher had ended in 2012. Could he top his prior output of quality? Which he had previously set at a very high standard already? Well rest assured a few songs into this album and it was quite clear. Phili has grown from his previous experience and had become even better for it. Not only did he show he hasn’t lost a step. It seemed somehow he has improved and tightened his flow (yea hard to believe it could get tighter)and is more creative and relaxed. Sounding more ate ease and natural. Making it seem effortless.  His chemistry with Dotz is unparallelled and these guys are a natural fit. With dope wordplay, Phili N’ Dotz  bounce bars back and forth like Michael Jordans crossover in his hey day.

These two are perfect match behind the mic.

These two are perfect match behind the mic.


Dotz is a grizzled battle veteran and current member of Don’t Flop(Rap battle league) Also he won a championship in 2013, his second year with Jump Off (rap battle league) Which sports  a year-long tournament where he won over twenty battles. In 2012 he came in second. Dotz recently dropped 9 track EP The Country Bumpkin’s Drunk Singing Skunk Binge . Also he just released his new collab with Flo. Called the Flotz EP. Make sure you check those joints out!!

Click here to cop Dotz EP The Country Bumpkin’s Drunk Singing Skunk Binge

Click here to cop Dotz and Flo’s EP Flotz

Click here to Watch Phili N’ Dotz  videos


Both emcees have machine gun flow and rip up any beats handed them in this Phil N’ the Dotz album. The beats are nice and on point throughout. Not over or underwhelming the listener and match perfectly with the technically, tight bars spit by Phili N’ Dotz. This album features a slew of some of the most talented acts in UK hip hop, in both features and on production. Some of UK’s finest producers are on this. Their credits on this album include: Richy Spitz, Passion Hifi, Leaf Dog, Pete Cannon, Bad Habitz, and Cystic. Features include suck insane talent as Flo, Phoenix Da IceFire, Blak Twang, Leaf Dog, Verb T, Klashnekoff, & Wordsmiff. Truly this album is sick to the highest levels. Check the Phil N’ the Dotz track list below to see how this dope lineup comes together.

1. Intro (Produced By Richy Spitz)
2. Travel The Globe (Produced By Passion Hifi)
3. We Stay (Produced By Leaf Dog)
4. Oh No (Produced By Pete Cannon)
5. Verbal Dissection (Produced By Bad Habitz)
6. Inner Demons Ft. Flo (Produced By Cystic)
7. Lyrical Gun Slingers Ft. Phoenix Da IceFire & Blak Twang (Produced By Richy Spitz)
8. Get Back (Produced By Passion Hifi)
9. Rise Of The Skeptic (Produced By Cystic)
10. Let Ya Mind Breathe Ft. Leaf Dog (Produced By Leaf Dog)
11. War Dance (Produced By Pete Cannon)
12. Training 4 Battle (Produced By Leaf Dog)
13. The Rhyme Assignment (Produced By Passion Hifi)
14. Fuck The Government (Produced By Bad Habitz)
15. Illest Rocks Ft. Verb T, Klashnekoff, Wordsmiff & Leaf Dog (Produced By Leaf Dog)
16. Strength Becomes Struggle Ft. Whammy (Produced By Leaf Dog)

This album is tight start to finish. With no filler tracks. I’ve heard it eight times or so at the time of this article and I feel no need to skip any tunes. It’s a hip hop masterpiece and I will definitely be watching Phili N’ Dotz for more to come. This album is highly recommended by London Underground. It’s a UK Classic, scratch that a Hip Hop classic and will be a required addition to any headz library. Be sure to check Phili N’ Dotz website

Click here to visit Phili N’ Dotz website

Make sure you get ya own copy of Phil N’ the Dotz when it releases on May 31st 2014.

Make sure you lock on to this space for more dope UK underground hip hop news. London Underground will keep you posted for more news on Phili N’ Dotz as it develops!!

New ”Beatles” video shoot. Valiant ft Phoenix Da IceFire & Ray Vendetta

beatles video shoot pic 2

Phoenix Da IceFire, Ray Vendetta,and Valiant from left to right. On the Beetles shoot with Global faction

New data straight outta the Triple Darkness Camp. Beatles video soon come from Epic video producer Global faction. With up and coming dope London beatsmtih Valiant. Joining him is super emcees from Triple Darkness Ray Vendetta and Phoenix Da IceFire. Trust Ray and Phoenix always bring the illest wordplay. Make sure to check their back catalog. Go and cop that Silver Casket Mixtape by Solar Black aka Phoenix Da IceFire and Black Chronical in the link below. Plus watch out for Rays new project: Greater Good and Ray Vendetta present Rayoflight Effortless coming June 2014. (Greater Good is a close friend of Heyzeus (from OBBA SUPA),and did photography and EP artwork for Rays 1st project Guess who’s coming to dinner

Beetles video soon come!! Watch this space!!

Valiants’ Beetles video soon come!! Watch this space!!

Click here for Ray Vendettas Latest project Seven Swordz of Light

Click here for Phoenix Da IceFires store

This Beatles video is mad anticipated here at London Underground! (Check the pics from the shoot in this article) Make sure you watch this spot when the Beatles video drops you can bet well have that locked on. If ya ain’t heard of Valiant here’s why. Though he’s making power moves in the game he only just started releasing his stuff last January. He’s been working with many talented artists. Such as Phoenix Da IceFire, Ray Vendetta, Iron Braydz, Non Applicable, Mike K from Streetsouls UK, Big Cakes, Wordsmiff, Logic, Sonny Jim, Amy True, Verb T, and DSOTM. Trust, that’s quite a list of  talented artist. So you can see Valiant is gonna defo have an impact on the game.


beatles video shoot pic 4

Ray Vendetta of Triple Darkness laying it down at the Beetles video shoot!!

Valiant is not afraid to get his hands dirty diggin in the crates. He’s a huge boom bap fan. Inspired by such beat legends as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Stoupe, Chemo, Lewis Parker and Jesse James. Look out this summer as he is looking to do a video for a track he’s done with Mike K, big cakes, logic and Amy True. Keep ya eyes locked here for that drop!! He’ll be releasing his EP soon and its scheduled to drop in September.



“The Videos gonna have a different look and feel to it” Ray Vendetta

His LP will feature some of the artists mentioned before. So make sure you check for that and watch this spot for more info on Valiant and Triple Darkness. As soon as ‘The Beatles video lands London Underground will post that. Lock on to this site.

Click here to Check Valient’s soundcloud page

Click here to contact Valiant on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/upaul786




Guess whos coming to dinner. Tesla's Ghost and Flow Tecs makin a cameo in the new video.

Guess whos coming to dinner? Tesla’s Ghost and Flow Tecs makin a cameo in the new video from Global Faction.

Ruff Mix Lost Trip 2, by Omar Teknology Out Now!!!

Calling all you undergrounders! Got some new musical blessings for your ears. This time reppin from South East London, sick producer/emcee Omar Teknology is laying out his follow-up to Ruff Mix Lost Trip.

Cop the first one Ruff Mix Lost Trip click here


Ruff Mix Lost trip_2

This time round the new joint is bringing chill vibes and kick back sounds. Ruff Mix Lost Trip 2 is an all instrumental project/beat tape. Due to technical demons the word on the album is every project file of every single beat on Ruff Mix Lost Trip 2 was lost. This is the reason for the title and gritty sound of the rough mixes. Still it adds to the sound and  does not distract the listener from the music.With only 300 limited edition CD’s made you’ll need to hurry and get ya mitts on this fast. Also a digital version is available for those heads that can’t wait. Make sure yo go and cop that and support Omar Teknology.

Go and cop Ruff Mix Lost Trip 2 click here

To contact Omar Teknology on Facebook click here

To book Omar Teknology click here

New Video ‘Headstone’ from Solar Black and Black Chronical

Headstone video just dropped from the Silver Casket mixtape

Headstone video just dropped from the Silver Casket mixtape

Fresh out the box from sick London duo Solar Black and Black Chronical comes the brand spanking new video Headstone. Of of their new Silver Casket Mixtape hosted by Tesla’s Ghost. Yo This video is dope make sure you peep dat and share it if you can.

Trust this tune is pure fire. If you haven’t copped your cd copy of Silver Casket get on that while supplies last.

Cop Silver Casket Mixtape  click here

Get your copy while supplies last. Available for only £7 UK

Get your copy while supplies last. Available for only £7 UK

This album is really a well crafted mixtape. Top notch content bars and conscious flows mixed expertly by DJ Roast over quality beats. Defo a much purchase for any fan of Triple Darkness, Phoenix Da IceFire, or just hip hop with a message and concept. Also if you missed it check the interview by Solar Black from London Underground.

Read Solar Black interview click here

Brothers Solar Black and Black Chronical join forces on Silver Casket mixtape

Brothers Solar Black and Black Chronical join forces on Silver Casket mixtape


Dj Roast Beatz reunites with Solar Black and Black Chronical to mix down the album impeccably .

Dj Roast Beatz reunites with Solar Black and Black Chronical to mix down the album impeccably .

RE3CO’S debut ‘BEASTS OF BURDEN’ out now!! Exclusive interview with RE3CO

"We are now the beasts of burden!. Working and killing ourselves to help maintain and build a system. That we not only disagree with, but a system that destroys us." -RE3CO

“We are now the beasts of burden!. Working and killing ourselves to help maintain and build a system. That we not only disagree with, but a system that destroys us.” -RE3CO

Heavy Track list

Heavy Track list

BEASTS OF BURDEN review and RE3CO interview

Upcoming North London emcee RE3CO releases his debut album BEASTS OF BURDENand shares his views on hip hop, his new album and the scene.

Beasts of Burden album Available now !!click here!!

BEASTS OF BURDEN features a massive collection of 21 dope tracks. RE3CO‘s not only brings fire to the mic. He also comes heavy with the beats. RE3CO was no slouch producing many of the beats on BEASTS OF BURDEN and trust they are sick.   Swear down, this album comes with introspective bars and reflective songs. Not throw away ‘I got bling tracks’ that litter the scene today. If your checking for some next level conscious lyrics and banging tunes. Get BEASTS OF BURDEN and get ya listen on.


BEASTS OF BURDEN  showcases a group of aces of in terms of top talent from the UK hip hop scene. Tesla’s Ghost weighs in on ‘Hermes & Thoth(click track name for link) a monster of a track with RE3CO on mic and production. Tesla and RE3CO spit horror core at its finest here. Warning wash your hands after you handle this tune. Cause its mad raw. RE3CO also teams up with technical wordsmith Theme on the track ‘The Peoples(click track name for link) Defo a stand out on this album. Wordplay and insane flow is displayed to full effect here. On his tune ‘I know(click track name for link) RE3CO co produces with Chemo as he shares the struggles he’s been on in his life’s journey.


hoodie reeco

Defo some real good tunes on BEASTS OF BURDEN and I’m just scratching the surface. The talents don’t stop there.RE3CO holds his own amongst these ill features as well as kills it on the tracks without others. This is an album for people who appreciate wordplay and real issues in their lyrics. Without a preachy vibe.The production credits on BEASTS OF BURDEN include Doc Diff, Moshine, Dirty Urch, Accomplice, G Ammo, Think.zebra, Engineer Al, and Krang. London Underground suggests you Cop BEASTS OF BURDEN.

"We are now the beasts of burden!. Working and killing ourselves to help maintain and build a system. That we not only disagree with, but a system that destroys us." -RE3CO

With all that said and a busy independent release on  RE3CO’s  schedule. He graciously took time out to give London Underground and UK hip hop an in-depth interview.

LU 1?) How did you get into hip hop. What would you say was the first “rah” moment you had that sent you down the musical path?

RE3)  It came in stages man. I mean as kid I always felt Fresh Prince and ‘Parents Just Dont Understand.’ For the 1st time I started playing and pausing the cassette,and writing the bars down so i could spit along to it and a few others. Biz Markie, Rakim, Slick Ricky. Obviously I was a fan and heard a lot of soul music. Which played a big role in me liking hip hop get me? I heard a bit of Wu and Kool G but I didn’t really grasp it at that time. I remember hearing Arrested Developments “Mr Wendal” tellin the story of a homeless man and it really changed my life, as I never heard music tackle issues like that and fit in so much info in 3 mins. From then on I actively searched for hip hop. Learning the bars, started goin, sought the backlog of what I’ve missed. Then got into gangsta rap ect. My dad actually showed me Snoops “Doggy Style” ha ha! Then I heard Pharcydes ‘Running’ and I knew I wanted to rap from then. The Fugees ‘The score’ album inspired my first bars. That was my shit! Then I became a student of hip hop mainly Wu and Kool G. Anything that was really lyrical complex stuff. Years later I was so deep into hip hop, that in my head I knew how I wanted to rap and was experimenting but never could patent the formula. It was like some more complex Kool G shit. Then I heard Big Pun’s ‘My Boy” gave me “Capital punishment”. I played beware and the first verse I heard,..blood, I knew at that moment that was how I wanted to do it.That was the moment Ibecame steadfast and obsessed with reaching that level,and I still am.

LU2?) How long did BEASTS OF BURDEN take to come together? What challenges did you face on your debut album? If you had a time machine would you change anything? Now knowing now what you didn’t then.

RE3) Its took me over a year and a half. Would of been quicker but had to put it on hold due to health problems. In that time I recorded 60 tracks. Half wrote another 200 and made at least 800 beats. Bought at least another 50,and slowly, slowly trimmed the best stuff down. Refining it. Until it started becoming a project. It was a big learning curve for me, so I can’t say I’d change anything. I learned so much. The difficulties were obviously I planned an album. Then I grew as an artist and no longer wanted to do a whole album the way I had planned it. During that time I gave up smoking weed due to a brain injury. Later I developed hypothyroidism and that started changing my voice. Which made recording very difficult as it affects the voice, but also it gave me more abilities to record in different tones. As sometimes my voice will be very gravely and other times its lot higher. I had breathing problems and gave up cigarettes as well as drink as I was starting to lose my breath control. Now its better than ever! So I was continuously growing as a person while making this album and that resulted in music that captured different attitudes. At first it was gonna be a social commentary type record. But I feel there’s so much cliché shit in the UK scene now. I wanted to reflect my taste. Sometimes I wanna rap about the system, other times I wanna spit about nice breasts ha ha!

Reeco close up

LU3?) You both spit on the mic and work the production as well on BEASTS OF BURDEN. How did you first start spitting and how did you get yourself into the production angle.

RE3) Yeah I’m an emcee first and foremost. I always had a good ear for beats and samples but had no clue how to make a beat, and had no help around me. I started fiddlin with fruity loops. Its a long story man. Lets just say I got fed up of producers who were either not keepin they word, or goin missin on me, or just not doin thing correctly. In general dealing with other producers became a nightmare 95 percent of the time. So I decided. Fuck it! I’m gonna do it myself. It was a very long process of learning, but my strength  was sample choice and choppin.  So I just got obsessive and kept on….and still doin that. I love it cause it’s another way to express myself. I still got very far to go, but making beats gave me the independence I needed. I can make a song exactly how I want without havin to deal with other peoples bullshit.  One thing I learned is nobody is goin to be a passionate about your work as you are. So its best to take the reins  with as much you can. Saying that though,when I’m working with a producer that’s as motivated as me to the project,then im focused purely on bars. but I cant always get the same chemistry that I get with Doc Diff or Dirty Urch with every producer I try work with.so..Production for me came out of necessity.

LU4?) You’ve got some sick features on BEASTS OF BURDENTesla’s Ghost, Dotz, Theme, Co production from Chemo. How did these sick team ups happen?

RE3)   The grace of god man! ha ha! I knew I wanted the strongest emcees on my project. So I reached out to Theme. He heard of me from my ‘Love and Hate’ track. I think he lives and breathes hip hop and is a real guy. Not some big ego. He was happy to collab once I sent him the beat. He got busy and tore it down and the result was crazy! I’m sure that team up will keep happening. Big up Theme! One of the best emcees in the UK, straight up! With Tesla’s Ghost I heard some people debating about our voices and went and looked him up properly. I was totally amazed how incredible he was. I reached out instantly. Same shit. Tesla had heard ‘Bring it Back” and was down. Same shit just another sick emcee. That’s real hip hop. No big ego just massive talent! I sent him the beat and he came to my studio with the most incredible verse I was kinda lost for words. His voice is definitely my fave in the UK…better then mines! Big up Tesla’s Ghost! When his project lands its gonna shake up the scene for sure. Again another emcee I think that is one of the best in the scene is Dotz.  He’s just incredible. Same shit really. I reached out to him. We had a laugh. I sent him the rough track and he was gassed and jumped on deck. I think Dotz is one of the best up comers man. He can do lots of different styles. He’s entertaining and he’s fuckin funny.  So I had to have him on it. Again no big ego, Dotz just wanted to tear the track up and he did. These three emcees are my fave right now in terms of the new wave of UK hip hop.  So I was so blessed to get all three of them! Chemo? ha ha ha ha ha….so much can be said about Chemo. Amazing talent. Fuckin hilarious,and as an engineer I wanted the most professional album. He seemed like the only choice for me. So at first it was just mastering ect..but in the process he told me he thought ‘I Know was a classic.  I explained to him I  wasn’t sure about the drums and may abandon the track. Chemo changed the drums and then it just added that element that it was missing. I’m humbled to work with all the talent that was on this album.

LU5?) On your new joint BEASTS OF BURDEN How would you describe the album conceptually? What would you want fans like to take away from it after listening.

RE3)  That’s down to the listener. I mean as a dream I’d like to affect people in a good way. Make em feel like they know me. Motivate them. Inspire them and make them laugh. As well as educate them but that’s an ideal. At the least I wanted this to show diversity and honesty, different vocal tones, styles. Just showing a few of the styles I can do. I wanted to hit em from all angles while still being conceptual.I just wanted it to mirror my personality and all the different moods I go through. As for the concept. Basically I’m a big animal and nature enthusiast. I feel like we talk about slavery and bondage like its so bad, but nature and animals are slaves to us. Nature cannot be beat so the same way how we work the animals and nature to benefit us, is the same way the people who control shit work the ordinary human. We are now the beasts of burden!. Working and killing ourselves to help maintain and build a system. That we not only disagree with, but a system that destroys us. We so stupid.  We do nothin. Except when we can’t take it no more we bite and end up being put down or locked up. I could go on for ever about the parallels.

Lu 6?) There’s a lot of controversy about the direction of the UK hip hop scene. How do you see it now as it is? If anything what would you like to see change?

RE3) I got a vid on my channel about this so I’ll try to be brief. NOT EVERYONE HAS TO RAP! We need some managers. Real business men in this scene. Some man power behind emcees. Instead of millions of emcees. So many people in the scene do it for hobby and they over-saturate the scene.  As well as obscure the view of the serious emcees. So many people think that they can only contribute by rappin and truth is a lot people are not good. People are too polite to tell people. You don’t have that in football or anything else. Why rap? Also the fans need to support the scene. Cause its the fans fault that bullshit videos on youtube have 10 million views and the best artist in the scene have under 10k!? If u like a MC DNT take advantage. Tell your friends! Tweet the djs. Help create a buzz! If not then don’t complain about why some shit emcees who talks bout Gucci belts and stabbin man for 10 p has 4 million views!!! Sometimes it seems the ignorant fans support more than the awakened at times. Although there are some amazing fans out there that support to the max. But sadly we need more. Now the artist need to stop doin cliché shit. Regurgitating other materials and concepts. Bare bandwagon hoppin! The talent in the UK is the best hip hop in the world period! From our djs to producers, to emcees to graffiti. We are contenders for that crown but we lackin coz everyone wants to be Jay z and no one wants to be Damon dash. WE NEED FUCKIN INVESTORS AND PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT!!!! Also we need to stop thinking that only unsuccessful underground hip hop is the only real hip hop. Naah blaad. That’s not the case.we need to be progressive.

LU 7?) Whats next RE3CO after BEASTS OF BURDEN? Any more projects in the works? What artists would you like to collab with in the future?

RE3) I’ve only started. I got a lot of plans. A lot of tracks I’m sitting on and I write at least 5 tracks aweek . So there’s gonna be a tsunami of RE3COmusic to come. Loads of collab eps comin this year, mixtapes, then a RE3CO e.p at the end of the year. Followed by my next album this time next year. I’ve already got half the beats half written. The speed that I put together projects is going to improve a lot as I learn every project. Yeah brudda, many people I would love to work with from all genres. As far as UK hip hop Cyrus Malachi, M9, Pheonix Da Icefire, Fliptrix, Klash, Leafdog, Ragnbone man. Few more man but most of all my hero Skinny Man. He promised a collab years ago! ha ha ha I need to chase that one up. That’s like on my to do list before I die for real.

LU 8?) What influences musically or otherwise inspired you to make BEASTS OF BURDEN?

RE3) No music man to be real. I mean my two main inspirations for my style would be Big Pun and Skinnyman and a bit of Jay Z. As for my topic matter for the album? My life inspired me blaad. I’ve had it hard and I turned it around from growing up in care, to being homeless, to jail to realizing that life wasn’t for me, and to take control and be who I wanna be. Along the way I’ve experienced some shit and I’ve studied a lot of history, occult, and spiritual stuff. I’m definitely an instinctive person. I go with my feelings. With BEASTS OF BURDEN each track is how I feel at the time of making it.  So I’d say what I’ve observed and gone through and who I am at this point in my life has inspired it more then anyone else’s music.

"NOT EVERYONE HAS TO RAP! We need some managers. Real business men in this scene. Some man power behind emcees. Instead of millions of emcees" -RE3CO


LU 9?) Being an emcee is a quite powerful platform in reality. In what way would you like to use this skill to impact the scene?

RE3)  I’d like to change a few things. For myself I’d like to continue express these emotions and put my anger into this form and liberate myself of my demons. By telling all my secrets and inspiring others to do the same. Also if I can make a doctors pay doin music I’m happy. I wanna be able to live off my art and help my family and others in the future. For the scene its a dream but id like to change attitudes.  Change whats cools mainly now days. A guy who wears a Louis Vuitton belts and raps about guns and trappin and gang.that shit is cool. I wanna make it so that shit is a joke. Only a small amount of people who really live that life dig it. Instead of impressionable kids, If one of these lil yutes stops listening to that or whatever and decide to wear and talk and be who he wants to be instead of feeling pressure to join the crowd. I’ve made it!! I’d like it so when mans rap about being a gangsters or a shotter ect, kids just laugh and think its stupid. I could rest peacefully knowing that hip hop from the heart was cool again.. also to inspire my contemporarys  to be innovators and show love and support each others and boycott the bullshit. To motivate the fans to support the best. I just want it to be real nah mean? No more fake cliche shit. No more soul-less music. Supported by soul-less people. I want UK hip hop to show the fuckin world what we already know. And remind the Americans and the corporations that real authentic hip hop is a viable business. You don’t  need trannys rappin about molly and gay shit. Dressing up like women ect..that shit is fuckin up our children and our society by extension.

LU 10?) In summation you’ve worked hard to make this album. What advice would you give others about making an album or even getting into Hip Hop? What message would you like to tell the fans if you were chilling in a room face to face with them?

RE3) I used to ask people this question myself and the truth is. only experience can show you. We are all different. Whats works for us is as unique as a fingerprint. Who you are will determine weather your successful or not. This is the hardest shit I’ve ever done in my life and the reward is not what people may think. I think Dave Chappelle said it best when he said “That for all the artists who do it for the “art”….if they decide to get into the ‘business of art’…prepare to have your fucking heart broken.” ha ha ha ha!! I can say what works for me though is truth. You gotta be honest with your self about your strengths and weaknesses. You gotta be your own worse critic. You gotta be thick skinned and you gotta ask yourself why you want this…because determination and sacrifice is what it takes. I’ve spent all my money on this. I’ve stayed up night after night tellin my wife “5 mins more.” Again and again until she falls asleep behind me.I’ve let my love life, my relationships, my family, my health all suffer for this because I wanted to do my art more then anything. And I ain’t even got anywhere yet! I’m still at the start. Win or lose didn’t matter to me, and still don’t want to do music…..I need to. I don’t have a choice. So I’d say go for what you love. If you love this music shit ,then be obsessive. Embrace your insanity and go for it. Keep making mistakes and learning…and most of all never rely on anyone else. That way any help is a compliment to your art instead of a vital component to your success. Tunnel vision that bitch! and pat yourself on the back every time you do well!

So there you have it. A sick interview from RE3CO.  London Underground was grateful for RE3CO‘s time and also for the eye opening interview. Make sure you watch this space for more info from RE3COAlsomake sure you go out and support real artists like  RE3CO.

Cop that BEASTS OF BURDEN click here


Watch GET EM [OFFICAL VIDEO] click here


Also check these links below

Follow RE3CO on Twitter https://twitter.com/RE3CO

Watch RE3CO‘s videos on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa89dv1ezT6-n-JUkYCYB2Q

Check RE3COs http://re3co.bandcamp.com/album/beasts-of-burden

Silver Casket Mixtape lands from Solar Black and Black Chronical. Interview with Solar Black

Silver casket out now artwork Yo undergrounders! Spectacular news for the Hip Hop heads out there. Solar Black and Black Chronical’s new album “Silver Casket mixtape” has just landed.

Click here to purchase Silver casket Mixtape

Just a bit of background this album is mixed by sick cut alchemist DJ Roast Beatz and hosted by vicious wordsmith Tesla’s Ghost. Trust this album is deep and Ive been rocking it non stop since I got my mitts on this gem. Its the first official full release from Solar Black and upcoming emcee Black Chronical. Also the first album from Solar Black also known as  Phoenix Da IceFire since the epic album “Quantum Leap.” (Quantum Leap was picked best album of the year by London Underground. In a year of tough competitors).


Brothers Solar Black and Black Chronical join forces on Silver Casket mixtape

Brothers Solar Black and Black Chronical join forces on Silver Casket mixtape

Solar Black is from legendary London crew Triple Darkness. Make sure you check Solar Blacks back catalog and also Triple Darkness. Plus keep an eye out for sick newcomer Black Chronical as he makes his mark on the game in the years to come. As busy as Solar Black has been London Underground was blessed enough to get some of his time and ask him a few questions about the new release “Silver Casket Mixtape” among other projects of his on the horizon. Check out what he had to say in our in depth interview.



LU 1)What do you want people to take away from this Release? ( like a concept or an impression for example)?

SB- I want people to get a slight reminder of that first came on the scene with Baptism Under Fire, having roast scratch it up gave it that touch. I also wanted it to be a response to all of the skirt wearing, french manicuring, absent minded material plane crap my brothers across the world were going on with. These brothers are controlled by vampires sucking the blood from the veins of our beloved culture and the silver casket is symbolic of the end of that.


Dj Roast Beatz reunites with Solar Black to mix down the album impeccably .

Dj Roast Beatz reunites with Solar Black plus first time collab with Black Chronical to mix down the album impeccably .

LU 2)You’ve mentioned this album as a warm up to Winged Scarabz. What can you tell us about Winged Scarabz?

SB- Winged scarabz is my first official offering as Solar Black, it features my entire Triple Darkness crew with a couple other special guests, there’s more to come and this is the beginning.


LU 3)Seeing how hip hop is changing to a more mainstream sound. Do you think underground artists today should still strive to break into the industry? Or should they stay independent? Whats your take.

SB- I think being independent is the best way to go right now, the problem you get with a lot of contracts is the loss of creative control. I think anyone who loves this genre should hold their ground and create that timeless music the world first fell in love with. I believe things will change though I get a lot of support around the world and I’m certain I’m not the only one who is getting noticed for authenticity and talent.

LU 4)We’ve heard your Crew Triple Darkness is working on an album. What can we fans expect from this long anticipated joint?

SB- People can expect a high level of production, lyricism & content. Every brother in the crew knows what the other one is capable of and because of that we all want to raise the bar.

 LU 5)While being a sick solo emcee. Your also known to have a lot of dope featured emcees. Such as Keith Murray, Action Bronson, Klashnekoff ect.. Who can we look forward to you colabbing with in the near future?

SB- Well…. I’ve been working overtime lets put it that way lol. Im on a posse cut with life, Cappo & Manage on one track. Si Philli n Dotz & Black Twang on another track. TPS, Split prophets and Gee Bagular. Reks & Paul strange from Snow Goons. Tragedy khadafi & Timbo King. Too much to mention if I’m gonna be honest and that ain’t even it that’s just a snapshot.


LU 6)Being a prolific writer. Its known you’ve got mad tunes and albums saved in the chamber.I heard about your Cinematic project your making. Is there any news on a release date.

SB- I’m currently in talks with a very renowned record label we’ll see how that plays out lol, me and Strange Neighbour will keep peeps in the loop though, most likely do a video interview breaking everything down, we’ll air the snippets of the album soon.

LU 7)What other projects can we look forward to from you in the years to come?

SB- Project Chimera LP is being worked upon as we speak in addition to that I got another mixtape entitled Buried in Armour & an Ep called Nostalgic. I’m not going to let the cat out the bag for the other 2 projects I got coming those are top secret we’ll talk offline on those 2 lol


Solar Black and Black Chronical

“I expressed that I wasn’t going to take it easy on him and its only because I respect him, my craft and myself.” -Solar Black on his expectations of his brother Black Chronical.










LU 8)What inspires you most to write? Are there any artists or others who stoke those flames when you pick up the pen?

SB- Good production inspires me to write to be honest and in addition to that the whole Triple Darkness crew make me wanna step up my game in a big way. As soon as I pick up the pen I think of my brothers in the crew so I guess that plays a big part.

LU 9)What next for Phoenix DA IceFire?

SB- At the moment I’m just trying to get all the product out there, I’m do ahead of myself project wise that I play my 4th album on the way to work lol, I need to get it out there honestly.

LU 10)Tesla’s Ghost is hosting your mixtape. How did that come about?

SB- After M9 hosted my first project I kind of sat down and thought you know what? My team should be the ones hosting my mixtapes and if I have longevity in this game I got enough members in the crew to make that a reality lol. Me and Tesla are doing an album together entitled “Army of the moving statues” I won’t spill the concept but yeah I’ve been working close with him these days, I guess it came about in an organic way.

LU 11)Black Chronical is your brother right? How was that to work with him. And did sibling rilvary spur on more creativity?

SB -Yes for the record Black Chronicle is my blood brother lol. my brother knows I got very high standards even from myself so when I put it to him that we should do a project together I said to him “this will either make you or break you” I expressed that I wasn’t going to take it easy on him and its only because I respect him, my craft and myself. He respects me both lyrically and as an older brother and that is reciprocated as far as respect goes so it wasn’t hard to work with him on.

LU 12)You’ve got some amazing artwork on the Silver Casket Mixtape. Can you tell us who did it? Also can you explain the concept behind the dude in the coffin?

SB-A close friend of mine by the name of Dr Cyclopz does my artwork, he is responsible for the face of my body of work for the most part of it. The guy in the casket is actually a symbol of the fallen black men in hip hop who’ve sold their souls to the true vampires of the game, the big corporations that cheapen, debase and pimp our expression for money. That character ” Rick Jones” is symbolic of a human bill board, a media whore and sell out, hence the dreadlocks and the red dress which I see brothers donning these days.

LU 13)On the Silver Casket mixtape do you have any favorite tracks on there?

SB- Use your imagination pt 2 has got to be my favorite out of the whole tape, for me this was truly a pleasure to write and the fact that I got my mum in the studio to jump on the hook makes me feel like I achieved the impossible, knowing she has faith in what I do really is empowering.

LU 14)What challenges have you had to overcome as an artist to get where you are today?

SB- I’ve been lucky enough to be in the right circles and to have been embraced by the likes of Word play magazine, Disorder, all the fans/supporters, hip hop kings, blue cheese, chemo, Joseph Media, Grindworks Management, Blade, global faction and Ryan proctor. All of them have contributed to my success and made my journey to through the game easier than most creatives. The only major issue for me has been money and I feel things could be turning around for me so fingers crossed.

LU 15)Were there any difficult challenges in the making of this album?

SB- it was actually quite easy to make which made me think twice if it was good enough lol

LU 16)At the end of the day what do you want fans to take away from the Silver Casket Mixtape?

SB -I want fans to know that my mixtapes are at a certain level and that what I stand for is real hip hop

So please cop that Silver Casket Mixtape. Watch this space for more news from Solar Black and Black Chronical.

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