Conspicuous drops his new album 81 June 6 for FREE!!!!

Yo peoples check the new album fresh out from Conspicuous!!! Dropped on his own birthday no less. 81 June 6. This entirely Cons produced 4th album from The Colony’s Conspicuous aka Cons. Nuff dope features on here. Check the talent. OEM artists The Colony, Daff, Mucky & Vicious aswell as UK Heavyweights such as Seanie T, Shameless,  Tony D, Locksmyth & Dwain Brown. Real introspective and reflective lyrics. Cons always brings heart with his bars. This is defo highly recommended to any head lookin for that real Hip Hop. Honest rhymes, hard Drums and soulful breaks. Dl this in the link below. Make sure you get to know and cop all The Colony joints as well.

                                        Get that 81 June 6 free download here! 

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