Exclusive Interview with London Emcee Phoenix Da Icefire.

   South East London born mc Phoenix Da Icefire has worked with the best of both UK and Us. From Klashnekoff to Melanin 9 to Keith Murray and Rusty Juxxe just to drop a few names. He started off spitting bars in the garage scene known then as Swiftly. Now not only has he developed his own unique style but also worked with the some best of UK and US. From his albums Baptism Underfire to his fresh release of the highly acclaimed Quantum Leap. Phoenix was gracious enough to stop by London underground & UK HIP HOP to fill us in on some of what led him to who he is today and whats soon to be in store from Phoenix as he lets us in on his new Cinematic project.

LU?) So since learning about your grime days I was wondering if any grime tracks exist out there with you on them?

Phx) No I’m afraid, I just had a look on the net & no joy lol I can’t say I’m upset about that though.

LU ?) What first moment inspired you to emcee? And would you mention any artists or music that influenced your choice?

Phx) I was left an angry & frustrated child because of what I went through growing up, from domestic violence, being a murder witness and just trying to defend myself on the street I needed an outlet, I literally thought I was gonna explode and told my mum I don’t know what’s going to happen to me if I don’t get vent this energy I had inside, I used to draw to vent my frustrations but from the age of 16 it wasn’t cutting it anymore so I picked up the mic.

LU ?)Can you let us on any features we can expect to see from you soon?

Phx) You can expect to hear me on tracks with…Four Owls: Fliptrix & Verb T Caxton Press: manage & emcee Killah People’s army: Big Cakes & Logic
Triple darkness: Cyrus, Teslas Ghost & M9 & Genesis Elijah & D21, Copywrite & Kevlaar 7 from Wu Tang

LU ?)What about the 5 star general project? How did you link up with Action Bronson? Can you tell us how it came about.

Phx) Well my DJ mr DJ Roastbeatz is working on an album which has a phenomenal line up, action Bronson put a hook on the track as a favor to roast & I put the verses on, it was before he got more known than he is now so that was a good look for me, the track is called 5 star generals as in 5 star restaurant being as though he’s a chef and 5 star as in quality it’s also like an echo from the 5 jewels as well.

LU ?)Is there any news on the silver casket? Is it finished if so is there a release date planned?

Phx) Silver casket which I recorded with Black Chronicle who’s also my blood brother??? Lol yeah it’s finished just waiting on Dj Roastbeatz to scratch & beat match the tape but next year for sure along with Cinematic the LP

LU ?) If any? which artists who would you’d like to link up with worldwide on a collabo?

Phx) Nas, Kool G Rap ( that should be happening next LP) Dead Prez, Common, Mos Def & Eryka Badu

LU ?) On your tune Point of no return off the quantum leap with legends Keith Murray and Klashnkeoff how did that track come together?

Phx) I was brought in as a support act by Rewd Adams, when I saw Keith Murray I just spoke to him & added him on facebook and took it from there, with Klashnekoff I told him who I had on the track and he was keen to do it & the rest is history

LU ?) You have used the emcee name solar black on the Vigorous Denial track, and Cyrus Malachis’ mixtape. Can we expect some releases under this name?

Phx) I’m thinking of using it for the silver casket project and the triple darkness album we’re working on

LU ?) Now fresh off your knew album Quantum Leap, arguably in my opnion the best album I heard this year. What can you tell us about the new Cinematic project you’ve been working on?

Phx) This cinematic LP produced fully by strange neighbor from TPS is very true to the title. In this album I’ve paid homage to the entertainment industry with tracks like “Stunt man” where I hail out all the famous stunt men such as Vic Armstrong as the unsung heroes of film I then make a comparison to the actors being like the main steam artist as they are less gritty than the stuntmen/underground emcees. Me & strange was only supposed to do one or two tracks but the chemistry was so good we decided on an EP then it turned into an LP because I wanted to push the concept to its extreme…. We even got a track called Blue movie lol stay tuned I’ve done it all!!

LU ?)Where do you think hip hop is going? And what impact would you like to stamp on it?

Phx) Hip Hop is coming back in its true essence & I want to be known as the most creative emcees to ever emerge from the UK rivaling the quality displayed in the states in all honesty I want to be the UK’s Nas

LU ?)any parting words you’d like to impart to the headz who’ve been following all your work or any people youd like to shout?

Phx) just a personal quote of mine “Things that take time stand the test of time”

Thanks for checking the interview. If you would like to support Phoenix Da Icefire. Check this link: http://phoenixdaicefire.com/Store.aspx


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